J. J. Keller Business Services are focused on taking tough regulatory work off your hands. Our job is to make life easier for professionals in areas of transportation management, workplace safety, environmental compliance, and human resources. These work functions are under heavy pressure for federal and state regulatory compliance. We can help you build a smarter compliance program by using the expertise we've developed over the years, working with thousands of employers.

The risks you face are many — it may mean exposure to fines and litigation, EEOC scrutiny, or even a fatality. We keep our attention on issues like these to help you develop more robust compliance programs.

Our partnership goals are clear:

  • Prevent accidents and save lives
  • Lower workers' compensation expenses
  • Minimize fines and litigation
  • Protect your company from regulatory audits
  • Comply with federal and state regulations

With so many service choices from J. J. Keller, you can have a tailored compliance program. We address your unique needs with a blend of products, services, and advisement. We offer guidance based on your situation — it's smart compliance.

J. J. Keller at a Glance:

  • We serve 90% of the Fortune 1000
  • Over 420,000 customers rely on our services
  • 1,300 associates are now employed, with representatives in many states
  • We are ISO 14001 Environmental Management System Certified
  • Founded in 1953, we are a private, debt–free company

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