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J. J. Keller Business Services has helped companies across the country stay in compliance, eliminate risk, and run safer operations for over 60 years. To see the difference we've made in companies like yours, explore the stories showcased here.


Altec Industries

" I would absolutely recommend J. J. Keller's Business Services! The manpower and hours we save by outsourcing is a huge return on investment for us. It would take three employees to do the job that J. J. Keller does for us. J. J. Keller is my fleet team."

Ashland Valvoline

Ashland Valvoline

In 2014, Ashland Valvoline, one of the world’s leading specialty chemical companies, began looking to replace their traditional dash-mounted E-Log solution. They chose J. J. Keller’s Encompass® E-Log system. “J. J. Keller really helped us by making Hours of Service easier to handle,so we can concentrate on our core business.”



Joey Reiner - Safety Director indicated at the event that since implementing J.J. Keller E-logs two years ago, they have seen a significant reduction in their Hours of Service scores from high 60's down to 40% which he feels is a direct result of elogs.



“We realized we needed to step-up our game....in the area of fleet management, we knew we needed help. We wanted to bring in experts. People that could tell us what we needed to do to be in complete compliance with all regulations, all laws, and most importantly, keep all of our partners safe.”


Continental Carbonics

“With me being on the road about 80% of the time, we realized that there was no way we could effectively manage our DOT program, so we looked at Encompass.”

Equipment Dealer Turns to J. J. Keller for Education and Web-Based Solution

The client had just completed a DOT audit that resulted in a “Conditional” rating and fines based on their poor compliance levels. The company’s Safety Director contacted J. J. Keller for help.

Existing Customer Turns to J. J. Keller for Drug & Alcohol Program Management

After a thorough consultation, the client decided to contract with J. J. Keller for their DOT Program Management and their Non-DOT Drug & Alcohol Testing.


Fortiline Waterworks

"J. J. Keller's Encompass helps you do more work in less time. Do it more accurately, more efficiently, and come out with a much better end result."


Fortiline Waterworks & KellerOnline

“Many times we need an answer to a question that is not obvious, that needs more technical expertise than we have, we contact Keller and get an immediate response. We get an accurate answer in layman's terms and it is backed up with the actual regulation.”

Gas Supplier Turns to J. J. Keller for Compliant Drug & Alcohol Program Management

The client’s Compliance Manager wanted to discuss what J. J. Keller could do for them in regards to drug and alcohol testing and how J. J. Keller could “make things right” for their random testing program.

HB Fuller

H.B. Fuller

“What I like most about J. J. Keller is the ability to one-stop-shop. They have a multitude of different services and pieces that will complement our business and help us achieve our safety goals.”

Hercules Transport

Hercules Transport

“We are using the Keller Encompass system...We are very pleased with it and it has been very successful for us.”

Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain

Iron Mountain didn’t have the proper systems in place or the expertise in-house to manage their driver qualification files, and they didn’t want to hire additional resources. That’s when Steve decided to reach out to J. J. Keller, a trusted resource he had already been using for compliance products for many years.

J. J. Keller Creates Consistency in Equipment Dealer’s Compliance Program

After a thorough examination of the company’s current policies and procedures, the J. J. Keller Consultant confirmed the Compliance Director’s findings of a less than compliant program.

J. J. Keller Eases Agricultural Supplier’s CSA Concerns

With thousands of drivers spread among multiple facilities, the client’s Vice President of Risk Management was looking for a “one-stop shop” for the company’s compliance needs. On the advice of an independent consultant, he reached out to J. J. Keller.

J. J. Keller Guides Landscape Equipment Supplier through Fleet Acquisition

Recognizing the complexity of managing the base plating and re-titling of approximately 400 newly acquired vehicles, the Fleet Director reached out to J. J. Keller for assistance.

J. J. Keller Helps Aggregate Producer Close Compliance Gaps

The customer discovered they had major compliance gaps. Each of their locations handled compliance individually and all were non-compliant.

J. J. Keller Helps Environmental Services Company Reach Drug and Alcohol Program Management Goal

The customer approached J. J. Keller for guidance with their DOT program, especially in the areas of driver qualification and alcohol and drug testing. They were at the point where if they did not fix these problems, they would not be operating any longer.

J. J. Keller Helps Global 100 Company Start DOT Program from Scratch

The company approached J. J. Keller for assistance in developing a DOT program from scratch. They knew they were regulated; however, because of their unique structure, they were unsure of how to proceed.

J. J. Keller Helps Industrial Cleaning Company Clean Up Their Compliance Issues

The client was looking to streamline and outsource many of the compliance processes, including Driver Qualification, Hours of Service, and IFTA.

J. J. Keller Helps Multi-energy Coal and Gas Producer Become Compliant

The client knew they had multiple CMVs in multiple locations, but was unable to determine exact numbers. This uncertainty proved problematic when attempting to follow DOT regulations to stay in total compliance.

J. J. Keller Helps Waste Hauler Turn Poor CSA Scores Around

National waste hauling company with over 800 drivers in 50 locations partners with J. J. Keller to streamline their safety processes and manage their Driver Qualification and CSA scores.

J. J. Keller Prepares Service Provider for DOT Entrance Audit, Ongoing Compliance

The company was be facing a DOT Entrance Audit in 7 months and did not have the time or resources in-house to devote to compliance. The CFO realized that a Satisfactory rating was out of their reach and felt the time had come to reach out for help.

J. J. Keller Provides Full Range of Drug & Alcohol Services to Sister Companies

“I feel strongly that the relationship with J. J Keller has helped us operate well within the lines of DOT compliance, and more importantly at the leading edge of safety.”

J. J. Keller Provides Tools to Help Hauler Handle Sudden Growth

In preparation for an acquisition, the Safety Manager reached out to J. J. Keller for help managing compliance during and after this large influx of additional vehicles.

J. J. Keller Takes the Wheel with Virginia Hauler’s Trip Permits

The client contacted J. J. Keller to inquire about trip permit services. The provider was experiencing layoffs and was unable to keep up with the needs and demands of the logistics and intermodal hauler.

J. J. Keller’s Expertise Helps Client Avoid Penalties During Massive Title Transfer Project

The merger involved thousands of vehicles, which translated to a massive amount of work to transfer titles and registrations. Seeking expert help, the customer approached J. J. Keller.

J. J. Keller’s Tools and Knowledge Overhauls Compliance for Industrial Waste Service Provider

Industrial waste service provider with over 60 drivers at seven locations in four states looking for help in managing their driver and vehicle compliance.

Major Utility Company Turns to J. J. Keller for Guidance on DOT Program

They were at the point where if they did not fix these problems, they would not be operating any longer. J. J. Keller provided assistance in the development of a DOT management program emphasizing DQ and alcohol and drug testing programs.

Meijer Logistics

Meijer Logistics

“I was out of the office and I needed to look up a piece of information on one of our drivers. I brought it up on my iPhone.”

Mercer Transportation

Mercer Transportation

“I meet with a lot of our customers, and everyone asks about E-logs. If you’re not using E-logs, you’re viewed as not being on the cutting edge of the industry — and you don’t want that perception. You need to be where the competition is, and you need to be better. J. J. Keller’s E-Logs give us the edge we need to stay ahead of the competition.”

National Firm Taps J. J. Keller to Design and Implement DOT Compliance Program

Large national organization that, after many years of operation, discovered that they now fell under DOT regulation.

Pioneer Coach

Pioneer Coach

"When our company was flagged for a DOT audit, I got a real wake up call. Thankfully, I had Encompass. ...The support I received from J. J. Keller was awesome. We got a satisfactory rating from our audit, and I feel that was a direct result of having Encompass. "

Roadrunners Autotransport

Roadrunners Autotransport

“If it wasn’t for J. J. Keller’s partnership and assistance, knowledge and teaching, we wouldn’t be where we are today. And really, being compliant and being safe … that’s what we feel has catapulted our company to the next level. That is really what made us grow.”

Spotters Ink, Inc.

Spotters Ink, Inc.

Ted Zingale, Operations and Safety Manager from Spotters Ink, Inc. in Germantown, WI, shares his story about the range of benefits his company has achieved using J. J. Keller E-Logs. From efficiency improvements in payroll, scheduling and IFTA reporting, to an actual increase in available drive time, ELDs are improving business operations. In addition, they're growing the bottom line by giving drivers the opportunity to make more runs per day.



“I had J. J. Keller take all the paper files and scan them in. So of my 48 drivers, I do believe that 43 were not qualified...In the 3 months since we've converted, I am down to 6.”

DOT consulting

Worthington Ag Parts

My every experience with J. J. Keller has always been above all expectations. I email or call with questions and am always taken care of quickly and professionally. For on-site visits, we walk away with our questions answered and drivers leave confident in what they are doing. — Julie Bjerke, Worthington Ag Parts