J. J. Keller's Encompass® with E-Logs

Making the move from paper logs to E-Logs is easy with J. J. Keller’s Encompass. This cloud-based system captures data from the J. J. Keller ELD that’s installed in the engine’s diagnostic port, and data from the driver’s smartphone or tablet that has the J. J. Keller Mobile® app. The result is better roadside inspections, CSA score improvement, best-practice time management, fuel use efficiency, and protection from DOT audits and interventions.

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EOBR/ELDs for All Vehicle Types

Our solution is designed as an hours of service and compliance solution for Commercial Motor Vehicles (CMVs) in multiple vehicle and weight classes.

Many companies have a mix of vehicle types in their fleet to run their business. In some situations, vehicles like pickup trucks are not typically a CMV, but become regulated when a trailer or placard is added.

With our EOBR/ELD installed in these vehicles, you can get driving data and records about your driver's on-duty and driving time. You can also manually create exempt logs in Encompass.

EOBR/ELDs for All Vehicle Types

Which Edition is Right for You?

Which Edition is Right for You?
  • Premium Edition

    Complete compliance and performance management. Here you have all that Encompass offers, to run a safer fleet that's compliant with complex DOT regulations. Learn more.

  • Compliance Edition

    Significant driver and vehicle compliance back-office management for fleet executives. Learn more.

  • E-Logs Edition

    Addresses hours of service and DVIR processes and compliance. Requires an on-board recorder and compatible driver devices. Learn more.

Have a real-time snapshot of compliance levels and gaps for your entire company. Depending on the edition you choose, Encompass will standardize critical functions in your business like hiring, driver qualification, hours of service, training, licensing, maintenance, tracking driver performance, and more. It integrates with numerous mobile devices to automate E-Logs, electronic DVIRs, and in-cab performance reporting with EOBRs.

Encompass with E-Logs is endorsed by 36 State Trucking Associations! Read More.

E-Logs Testimonial

Over 15,000 fleet experts use Encompass to simplify DOT compliance.

Encompass delivers greater:


Instantly verify that your fleet's compliant using the online dashboard, and receive alerts if it's not.


Get tools for driver qualification, hours of service, fuel tracking, GPS locations,and more.


Quickly and easily share data with only the users you choose.


Be confident Encompass is always current with regulations thanks to behind-the-scenes experts monitoring regulatory changes daily.

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