KellerSCAN® for Log Auditing

More and more businesses are finding there's simply not enough time in the day to manually enter and audit logs. KellerSCAN® for Log Auditing can help make your job easier and help give you time to focus on other tasks by helping you automate – and streamline – your log auditing process. Simply scan your driver logs and any compliance issues are identified, keeping your drivers on the road.

Actively used by over 1,000 fleets

Over 90% of fleets renew their license agreement annually

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The KellerSCAN process:

* Your drivers complete KellerSCAN scannable logs.

* You scan the logs into the software … no need to sort by driver or date.

* KellerSCAN identifies questionable data and helps your auditors verify log accuracy.

* KellerSCAN stores all violations.

* You generate a variety of reports to manage and communicate with your drivers.

Through this simple process, KellerSCAN helps you:

  • Improve efficiency and accuracy with paperless storage, retention, and retrieval
  • Decrease costs by improving workflow and reducing liability exposure
  • Minimize the risk of DOT audits and fines by increasing compliance and fleet safety levels
  • Effectively handle CSA
  • Access regulatory content with ez Explanations®
  • Increase employee retention and keep safe drivers on the road
  • Generate management reports
  • And more!

This software also offers user-friendly interfaces for the following:

  • Importing electronic fuel card data for falsification checking
  • Importing/exporting employee data from existing systems
  • Integrating with mileage databases, including KellerMILES™
  • J. J. Keller software, including Driver File™ and Alcohol and Drug Testing Software
  • Canadian, interstate, oilfield exemption, and other add-on rule sets
    • Can accommodate one or both of the oilfield exemptions - 395.1 d(1) 24 hour restart and d(2) waiting time at the well site not included in on-duty time
    • Automatic calculation and subtraction of "5th line" or "waiting time"
  • KellerSCAN Bar Code Module: this module instantly reads and processes bar coded logs